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Columbiana County Emergency Management Agency                                    (330) 424-9725


Special Needs cards are mailed to some of the residents of the East Liverpool area. If you need special assistance in the event of an emergency, please fill out the card each year and mail it back. If you live outside the East Liverpool area, send a post card or letter to the Emergency Management Agency with your name, address and telephone number, the extent of your difficulty and any other pertinent information about the state of your health (medicines, diet, etc…). This information will be kept confidential and will be placed on file so that, in the event of an emergency, you will receive the necessary assistance to safety. The card may also be completed online by clicking the following links: Special Needs Card or Farmer's Special Needs Card.

If you have questions about this program call us at 330-424-9725.

If you are visually impaired, tune your radio to a local station for audio Emergency Alert System information.

If you are hearing impaired, tune your television to a local EAS channel for visual Emergency Alert System information.

If you hear sirens or see police & fire officials patrolling your neighborhood, contact neighbors to find out the nature of the emergency.

You should establish “buddy systems” to assist handicapped individuals. This will help ensure individuals are safe or have received help in getting to an evacuation shelter;

If you are handicapped or wheelchair-bound person, you should remain in your dwelling and turn on your local EAS radio or TV station for further information. You should try to make telephone contact or in some way advise officials where you are located.

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